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Stephen R. Covey

Consulting, Training & Coaching

Performance. Fulfilment. Success. Our coaching services build on your existing potential and identify and develop new strengths. From strategic consulting and goal-oriented self-reflection to efficient working methods: Every coaching package is tailored to your own specific topics, objectives and challenges.

WESTPARK CAREERS – here to help write the next chapter in the success story of companies, specialists and executives.

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Business coaching

Where can your business become more efficient? How can you boost your employees’ levels of satisfaction, loyalty and cooperation? Last but not least: How can you implement a culture of positive, inspiring communication within your organisation?

Company coaching in the form of strategic guidance or HR consulting is being used by more and more businesses. An objective opinion helps pave the way for streamlined problem-solving, goal-oriented strategies and enhanced corporate communication.

We use diagnostic tools to paint a clear picture of your corporate strengths and weaknesses, which in turn provides a solid foundation for the definition of targeted courses of action.

Individual career coaching for specialists and executive staff

For your career

Where do you see yourself in five, ten or fifteen years’ time? More importantly: Where are you right now? How much fulfilment does your job give you? How happy are you with your areas of responsibility, your standing within your company and the amount of recognition you receive? Last but not least: Does your salary reflect your hard work and dedication?

Career coaching can give you vital insights at a variety of key moments during your career. After all, it’s often helpful to get an outside opinion on how to keep your career moving forward.

Choose our goal-oriented coaching and benefit from your own personal strategy for success!


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WESTPARK CAREERS adopts a practical, analytical, goal-oriented approach to all its briefs. From the recruitment of specialists and executives to the coaching of candidates and companies: The precise definition of targeted courses of action is our number one priority.


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