All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walter Elias Disney

Your Coach Sandra Borkowski

WESTPARK CAREERS adopts a practical, analytical, goal-oriented approach to all its briefs. From the recruitment of specialists and executives to the coaching of candidates and companies: The precise definition of targeted courses of action is our number one priority.

We aren’t afraid to look outside of the box for the best solutions. Our objective insights will help you identify opportunities, take important decisions and achieve even the most challenging of goals. Choose us and benefit from our passion and dedication to blazing trails for outstanding careers.


Picture of CEO and coach Sandra Borkowski
  • ·Apprenticeship in Hotel Management
  • ·BA (hons) Business Management
  • ·MBA Strategic Management
  • ·Accredited Insights Consultant *Scheelen Institut
  • ·NLP Practicioner DVNLP
  • ·Personal & Business Coach ILS
  • ·Many years of experience in the provision of consulting services to large global corporations and SMEs as well as the guidance of individuals in terms of their personal potential and career plans
  • ·Strong sales and marketing background including assistance to a variety of managing directors
  • ·Management positions in the field of personnel recruitment and HR consulting, including a number of years in England
  • ·Psychosocial skills including in-depth practical knowledge of behaviours and processes within organisations and groups (group dynamics)
  • ·Experience in the implementation of a variety of interventional approaches, for example time management, mental training, self-management and communication techniques
  • ·Outstanding soft skills
  • ·Knowledge and experience of business processes and realities, and in particular an expert understanding of management processes, business tools, leadership concepts and personal development strategies
  • ·Open-minded, friendly, dynamic, curious, interested in people as well as new situations and experiences
  • ·Characterised by a strategic, goal-oriented approach that delights, inspires and motivates

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