The best leaders don’t know just one style of leadership, they are skilled at several.

Daniel Goleman

Coaching for businesses

Times of change and upheaval demand dynamic leadership! Digitalisation, the desire for self-realisation and the scarcity of specialists and executives are three key challenges facing the companies of today. Our coaching shows you how to see these trends as opportunities!

Take control over your change processes and be a shining example of modern, open-minded leadership to your employees. Enhance your decision-making skills and work quickly and purposefully towards goal achievement – even when under considerable pressure. Take a fresh look at your self-management strategies and become more efficient without losing sight of your own needs.


Committed, loyal employees are the key to success.

They boost your sales, expand your customer base, enhance your productivity and cement your competitive edge over your rivals. Use our coaching as an opportunity to improve your leadership qualities and create an emotional bond between your employees and your company. All this and more will make you a valued executive whose astuteness and dedication are a recognised driver for corporate success.

Our coaching offers you a triple opportunity to boost your own personal development, build a team of loyal employees and secure the success of your company!


Company coaching
  • ·Definition of visions, guiding principles, goals and strategies
  • ·Personal development and leadership coaching
  • ·Teambuilding
  • ·Tools and strategies for enhanced performance, motivation and communication
  • ·Tools and strategies for enhanced corporate culture and job satisfaction
  • ·Optimisation of internal communication processes
  • ·Conflict resolution
  • ·Guidance before, during and after change processes
  • ·Support during the recruitment of key personnel
Corporate success in 5 steps
  1. Comprehensive needs analysis / brief definition
  2. Submission of a tailored quote
  3. Diagnostic measures
  4. Definition of coaching/consulting goals as well as strategies for the implementation thereof
  5. Support during implementation in the form of personal coaching, training and workshops
Methods & Tools
Diagnostic Methods
  • ·Insights – Analysis of behavioural and motivational factors as well as your employees’ emotional intelligence
  • ·Access – Analysis of the expertise held by your company, individual teams or departments
  • ·Relief – Analysis of existing or potential stress factors within your organisation
Modes of implementation
  • ·NLP methods and models targeting changes in internal attitudes and outlooks. Our approach focuses on feedback on areas in which you have the potential to learn and develop rather than criticism of your existing structures and processes.
  • ·Systemic coaching focusing on the social system, organisation and individual teams.
Picture of HR consultant for businesses Sandra Borkowski

“Despite my strong business background I still had to learn how to think entrepreneurially from scratch. My practically oriented approach is based on professional experience gained in the field of sales and marketing, both as assistant to a range of managing directors and as an executive specialising in personnel recruitment and HR consulting. Having used a variety of courses and qualifications to expand my know-how in the field of personal development, I’m proud to be in a position to give companies and managers the tools they need to ensure success.”

Sandra Borkowski