One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth.

Abraham Maslow

Career Coaching

The points in our lives when we realise that it’s time for a change are just as inevitable as they are unpredictable. After all, neither our private lives nor our careers take a linear path from school to retirement: Time and again, new circumstances and a desire for change, fulfilment or a fresh challenge cause us to rethink our professional plans. What are my career opportunities? How can I strike a healthy balance between family life and the world of work? What are my key strengths – and what doors do they open?

A shift in the direction of your career does not necessarily have to involve moving to another company. There are often a variety of untapped opportunities to reinvent yourself, gain additional expertise or take on new responsibilities without leaving your current employer. The most important question to ask yourself is this: What do I want from my career – and do I have the motivation to get it?



Anyone looking for a change in direction needs a compass.

WESTPARK CAREERS is here to help you achieve your career goals – from the revitalisation of your current job to a smooth transition to a new position! Joint analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, preferences and professional objectives will provide you with a firm foundation for positive, forward-looking decisions.

Working in close cooperation with you, we will draw up a personal career concept that will enable you to remain satisfied, motivated and – perhaps most importantly – happy throughout your career.

Personal training & coaching
  • ·Definition of a personalised career concept
  • ·Selection of a set of guiding principles for your career
  • ·Recognition and development of your skills and strengths
  • ·Detection and prevention burnout
  • ·Maximisation of your level of acceptance within your team
  • ·Prevention (or resolution) of conflict with superiors and colleagues
  • ·Development targeted promotion strategies
  • ·Definition and implementation of personal development goals
Creating your new career concept in 5 steps
  1. ·Free initial consultation
  2. ·Needs analysis
  3. ·Resource analysis e.g. strengths, weaknesses, talents, motivation and values
  4. ·Determination of ambitious, achievable career goals
  5. ·Development of a targeted concept, strategy and milestones for the achievement of those goals
Picture of career coach Sandra Borkowski

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