Human Resources isn’t a thing we do, it’s the thing that runs our business.

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Success is driven by the courage to try out something new, embrace the unexpected and step into the unknown. Those who are prepared to leave their comfort zones and tackle new challenges will reap the rewards in both their private and professional life.

WESTPARK CAREERS guides and advises people engaged in change processes – from global corporations, start-ups and SMEs to highly qualified specialists and executives. We act as an objective mediator and negotiator – making WESTPARK CAREERS the perfect bridge between attractive career opportunities and excellent candidates. Take advantage of our wealth of executive search experience in the medical engineering, healthcare and scientific research sectors – we know all three like the backs of our hands! Feel the benefit of our specialist knowledge, extensive network and dedication to blazing trails for outstanding careers.

Choose WESTPARK CAREERS as your career coach and profit from vital insights at a variety of key career moments. We’ll act as your objective sounding board as you pass smoothly and successfully between the various chapters of your career.

You’ll be aware of the increasing importance of coaching for companies, whether in the form of guidance on organisational structures or HR consulting. Problems are analysed, goals defined and corporate strengths and skills identified and refined. We’ll help you aim higher – and still achieve your goals.

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For Businesses

Recruitment has become a never-ending story. WESTPARK CAREERS is here to help you write happy endings.

Career planning in medical engineering, healthcare and scientific research

For candidates

Humans are creatures of habit and like to know what’s around the corner. A change in your career therefore requires one thing above all else: Courage!

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