Aquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was- and still is the most important thing we do.

Marc Bennloff (CEO

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From start-ups and SMEs to global corporations: Recruitment has become a never-ending story. WESTPARK CAREERS is here to help you write happy endings. Personnel recruitment is no longer a question of simply going through the usual motions – especially when it comes to filling demanding roles. In-depth knowledge of the market and an extensive network now have a decisive part to play in successful recruitment.

Do you hold HR responsibility at a company active in the medical engineering, healthcare or scientific research sectors? WESTPARK CAREERS will help you fill your sales, marketing, training, service and regulatory affairs vacancies with highly qualified specialists and executives. Our key strengths are our longstanding experience, market knowledge and extensive network of contacts. Combining speed with efficiency, WESTPARK CAREERS matches premium candidates with impressive CVs to innovative companies ranging from global players to start-ups and SMEs. Right from the outset, we provide you with professional guidance and support that goes beyond just the recruitment of outstanding new employees.

Medical engineering, healthcare and scientific research

The speed and success of our recruitment services are founded on three pillars: An extensive network, in-depth market knowledge and comprehensive needs analysis.

We treat companies and candidates alike as equal partners. It should therefore come as no surprise that many of our candidates choose us as their exclusive recruitment agency and remain with us throughout their careers.

Ambitious roles require candidates to possess two distinct attributes: Specialist expertise and a personality that is fully compatible with the corporate philosophy of their prospective employer. Our top priority is to find candidates who fulfil both criteria!

Tailored executive search strategies

WESTPARK CAREERS is your personal source of highly qualified specialists and executives. We are particularly at home in the medical engineering, healthcare and scientific research sectors. Our extensive network of contacts makes WESTPARK CAREERS an indispensable bridge between your company and suitable candidates.

We will help you draw up an advertisement that reflects your corporate goals and the needs of potential candidates alike – whether you are looking for a sales executive, a marketing assistant or a deputy manager. Choose public job advertisements, targeted social media campaigns, direct contact with suitable employees at relevant companies or any combination thereof. It goes without saying that discretion and confidentiality are ensured in cases where news of the appointment could lead to negative publicity for either the candidate or your company.

Our years of experience and extensive network of contacts give us a comprehensive understanding of exactly what your potential employees want and need. We are therefore ideally placed to identify and recruit the perfect candidate for any position.

Mutual trust and cooperation

Trust is the key to successful partnerships with our clients. We therefore believe in a culture of continuous communication and open, honest opinions.

Together we will define a corporate identity that gives potential candidates a convincing picture of your company right from the outset. This process requires us to work as equal partners and must be based on nothing but truthful, believable information about your company and its ambitions.

All companies have to assert themselves on the market. We will therefore help you identify what makes (or could make) you unique and communicate it with the aid of authentic statements and a clear, convincing corporate strategy. There is no way around it: We have to take our time! Time to get to know you, time to use our specialist knowledge to position your company on the employment market. Close cooperation and a schedule tailored to your company’s requirements blend with our sector-specific insights to ensure recruitment outcomes that are as sustainable as they are successful.

WESTPARK CAREERS understands the challenges you face in your sector – and we know which candidates are best placed to tackle them!

CEO Sandra Borkowski executive search consultant and headhunter

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